How to Add a Welcome Message

Welcome messages have many great uses. Giving a warm welcome to new or returning visitors will make your website and business much more personable. Even just getting an important message across to visitors can be of huge significance to your website.

Today I will show you the simplicity in creating a useful welcome message for your website.

First, visit and log into your website.

Click on the Customize button.

After arriving in the Customizer click on the Homepage tab. If you don’t see the Homepage tab, click on your website logo/site title in the preview at the right.

Click on Add a Widget.

Select Banner.

Decide what you want your message to say. Give the message a title and description. Optionally give the message a button with a link and text. Optionally insert a background image that the welcome message with appear on.

After making your message click Save & Publish.

Go check out the end result:

You can add multiple welcome messages to your Homepage.