How to Add a Site Icon

Site Icons are a small and simple piece of your website that help make your website and brand memorable. Site Icons allow visitors to recognize your logo and brand when toggling between tabs, and when visitors save your website as a link on mobile devices. This puts your brand in the eyes of visitors every time they have your website open.

Today, I’ll show you how easy it is to add a Site Icon to your photography website.

First, log into your website at

Click on the Customize button.

In the Customizer, click on the Branding tab.

Scroll down to the Site Icon option. Select a square image (preferably a transparent PNG) from your files or media library. It’s common to use the same logo/icon throughout your site/business.

After uploading your Site Icon, click Save & Publish.

And that’s it! Your Site Icon will be displayed in your browser tab and when saving your website on mobile devices.