How to Customize Your Top Menu

Knowing how to rearrange and add to your menu is essential in running any kind of website. Don’t worry it is very simple and takes no time.

First you will need to go to and log into your website.

After logging in you will be brought to your Dashboard, from there you’ll need to go to the Customizer.

When you get to the Customizer click on the Menus tab.

Press the Add Menu button.

Title the menu “Main Menu” and click Create Menu.

Now you need to check the box named Top Menu. Next click the Add Items button.

Check the pages you want to appear on your main top menu.

If you have galleries that you want to show up on the menu, simply check the galleries individually or check All Galleries.

Customize each navigation label individually by clicking on the label and inserting the information.

Drag and drop the items up or down to decide where they’ll appear on the menu. Top is left and bottom is right.

Finally click Save and Publish.

Now go check out the menu you created!