How to Watermark Your Photos

Watermarking your images discourages image theft and simultaneously increases the visibility of your photography business online. Adding watermarks to your images is a feature that is available on both the Professional and Entrepreneur plans.

To watermark your images, go to and log into your website.

Click on the Galleries tab.

Go to the Gallery Settings.

Go to the Miscellaneous tab.

Upload your Watermark Image. Watermark images should be transparent PNG images that you create in Photoshop or another image editing application. By default, watermarks are only applied to images that you upload on the Galleries -> Add New page. If you also want to watermark images uploaded to Blog Posts or Pages, check the Watermark Everything box.

Set the Watermark OpacityPositionMargin.

Finally click Save Settings.

The watermark only applies to images uploaded after optimizing the watermark setting. The watermark does not appear to images in their smallest form such as thumbnails.

The watermark is only applied to the images at it biggest publicly visible size.