How to Organize Galleries

First lets see how we can arrange images within a gallery.

Once the images are uploaded into a gallery, you can always change the order of the images that you like them to appear on the page. Simply, click and drag the image you want to arrange and move it to the order or place where you like it to be. You can change as much as you can until you are satisfied.

If you want to edit an image or delete one of the accidental uploads, simply hover over to the image and you will see the edit and delete icons. Click edit icon to edit the image and delete icon to delete the image from the gallery.

Now, thats done, lets look at how we can organize galleries on the archive page.

The gallery archive page can be accessed via This page lists all your current galleries being uploaded in your dashboard. The images show the Featured Image of that gallery.

If you want to change the order of any one gallery appearing on this page, you can simply go to the Galleries menu in your dashboard.

Hover over on the gallery you want to order and click the Quick Edit link.

Once you click the Quick Edit link, note the date and time field.

Set the date to the desired date you want to show that gallery in the gallery archive page. By default, the galleries appear by descending date meaning, latest gallery post will appear first. Note the date of other posts and set the date accordingly.

For example, on the screenshot below, the date of the Private Gallery is set to March 10 while the date of the Travel gallery we are editing is March 6.

If we want to show the Travel gallery first, we simply set the date to a newer date such as March 11 and update the gallery.

Now, when you view your gallery archive page, you will see that the updated gallery appears first.

This is how we organize galleries in Visual Society.