How to Sell Subscriptions

Offering subscription plans turns a one-time product sale into a recurring sale. The more photos and video you add, the more valuable your service is to your customers.

Today I will show you how to sell subscriptions to your photo library.

First go to and log into your website.

Click the Galleries tab.

Then click on your galleries Settings.

Then go to your Subscription settings.

Select and Assign your Plans and Dashboard Pages from the drop-down list. If they aren’t in the list you need to create those pages by entering the shortcode given in the text tab of a new page.

Store owners have the ability to configure up to 5 monthly plans and 5 yearly plans. Each plan contains a download limit and a price, as shown below in the screenshot:

Store owners can configure up to 4 different outgoing email notifications sent to their buyers including:

  1. Activation Email – Sent to customers when their account becomes active.
  2. Expiration Email – Sent to customers when their subscription expires. This is an opportunity to reengaged customers by offering a discount for rejoining.
  3. Download Limit Reached – Sent to customers when they reach their monthly or yearly download limit. This is an up-sell opportunity to entice customers to change to a higher plan.
  4. Cancellation Email – Sent to customers when either they cancel their subscription or billing fails. It might be a good idea to offer a discount in this email to get customers back.

When you’re done click Save Settings.

Now your customers can purchased monthly or yearly subscription access to your photos!