How to Add Store Contributors

Adding store contributors is a powerful feature available on the Entrepreneur plan. This feature helps individuals and agencies collaborate with other photographers and profit share with them. Commissions are recorded for each contributor and you can pay them in bulk using a PayPal mass payment.

We’ve made this feature extremely flexible to cater to a wide variety of business needs. You can set:

  • A global default commission rate for all contributors.
  • A user-specific commission rate (overrides the global default commission rate).
  • A gallery-specific commission rate (overrides both the global default and user-specific commission rates).

Configuring your store for store contributors is a multi-step process, but it doesn’t take long.

To get started, go to and log into your website.

First, we need to add new users (contributors) to your website, so click on the Users tab.

Choose Add New button.

Give the new contributor a Username, enter their Email, and set their role as a Contributor.

After entering your new contributors information click Add New User. The contributor will then receive an email to confirm becoming a contributor.

Now, let’s set a default commission rate for all contributors. Do this by going to Galleries -> Settings -> Misc -> Commissions. Drag the slider to your desired commission rate and then click Save Settings. This is the global default commission that all newly added contributors will inherit.

sell photo commissions

Now, let’s edit an existing Gallery and assign a contributor (the photographer who shot the photos). Navigate to Galleries -> All Galleries and click the Edit link that appears under the title when you hover over it.

When editing the Gallery, click the Advanced tab. Set a Commission Rate for this gallery. The global default commission rate is set by default. Next, select the Commission Recipient from the drop down list. Click the blue Update button when done.

Assign photography contributors

If you’d like to assign a unique commission rate for specific contributors, click Users ->All Users. Find the contributor whose commission rate you want to alter and click Edit. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen to the Commissions section. Adjust the user’s default commission rate and click Update User.

Commissions users

When you sell a photo from a gallery that was assigned a Contributor, the Commission will be recorded on the Galleries -> Commissions page.

photo commission report

All commission sales will be shown in the commissions table. When you’re ready to pay your contributors, click the blue Download Mass Payment File. You will be prompted to download a CSV file, which contains all unpaid commissions. This file is formatted to adhere to PayPal’s Mass Payment file format. You will upload this file to PayPal to process your sales commissions. Learn how to make a mass payment in PayPal here.