How to Sell Prints

Visual Society makes it easy to sell prints from your website. Print orders are fulfilled automatically by the world’s best professional photo labs. US labs include White House Custom Color, Bay Photo, and Circle Graphics. EU labs Loxley and Prodigy. We also integrate with top professional photo labs in Dubai, India, China, South Korea, Japan, and Australia. Photos are printed at the the lab nearest you and shipped to your customers using rigid white-label mailers.

Selling prints is a feature that is available on all plans!

To get started, visit and log into your website.

Next, go to your Galleries.

Go to your Pricelists.

Click on the Prints tab.

Set your Profit Margin to the percentage you would like. This will automatically calculate the selling price for each print.

Enable the print products you want to sell. You can optionally set a custom Price for each size. If you continue to scroll down the page you also have the option to sell Posters, Canvases, and Phone Cases at various sizes.

Once you’ve chosen the different prints you want to sell click Save Pricelist.

Now you need to enable E-Commerce on the Galleries you wish to sell prints for. Go to All Galleries.

Select a Gallery.

Go to the Price tab.

Toggle the button to enable E-Commerce.

Lastly, click Update.

Now your customers have the option to buy prints and select the size of print they want!