How to Add Pricelists

Selling different sizes of photo and prints is an important piece of your photography store. Adding custom pricelists makes this easy. A pricelist can contain multiple sets of purchasing options. You can assign a custom pricelist to easy gallery that you create, or you can pick a default pricelist to use for all galleries.

Visit and log into your website.

After logging in go to the Galleries tab and click on Pricelists.

Click the Add New Pricelist button. Give your new pricelist a title and click Add.

Name and choose the size of photo you’re offering in this pricelist. Then give the specific size a price and optionally create another size. Click Save and Publish when you’re finished.

For downloads, the width and height attributes are in pixels. For prints, they represent either inches or centimeters, depending on which country you have your store configured to sell from.

Next go to your Galleries.

Open the gallery you want to assign your new pricelist to.

Go to the Price tab.

Switch the toggle on to enable E-Commerce.

Choose the pricelist you want to associate with this gallery.

When you’re finished click Update.

Go check out your new pricelist!

One important note: If you upload an image that is smaller than one of the options that you created for your pricelist, that specific option will not be shown in the dropdown list for purchasing. A good rule of thumb is to always upload high resolution images, and set appropriate options for each pricelist.