Coming in Spring 2017

Sell Photo Subscription Plans

Unlock the potential of your stock photo library by selling monthly or yearly subscription access.

Builds brand loyalty

Turn a one-time product sale into a recurring sale. The bigger and more diverse your photo collection, the greater value it has to your customers.

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Customizable Plans

You can configure up to 5 monthly and 5 yearly subscription plans and can set download limits for each plan. When download limits are reached for each plan, new downloads are disabled until the next billing cycle and the customer is sent an email notification.

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Recurring Billing

All plans come with automatic monthly or yearly recurring billing. Your customers will sign up to your website once and their accounts will be billed each month or year until they either cancel their accounts or payment fails.

Configurable Emails

Configure up to 4 different outgoing email notifications sent to your buyers including an activation email, expiration email, download limit reached, and cancellation email.

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