A comprehensive list of everything the Visual Society platform can do.



Upload as many products as your Visual Society plan allows.

Discount Codes

Create an infinite number of discount codes. Share them with customers to drive sales.

Print Fulfillment

Have your print orders fulfilled automatically by our global network of printers.

Sell Prints

Sell various sizes of prints.

Sell Posters

Sell various sizes of posters prints.

Sell Canvases

Sell various sizes of museum quality canvas prints.

Sell Framed Prints

Sell various sizes of museum quality framed art prints.

Sell Merch

Sell merch like phone cases, postcards, greeting cards, etc, with your photos on them.

Sell Downloads

Sell photo downloads with ease. You set all prices and you determine your profit margins.

Online Payments

Accept credit card payments directly on your website. Our platform integrates with Stripe, the global leader in securely processing credit card orders online.

Sales Reports

View daily, monthly and yearly reports as well as the total amount of sales to date.

Mobile Checkout

Visual Society's single page checkout is optimized to look great on all devices.


Configure your store pricing to default to your local currency and allow buyers to switch quickly into their own currency.

Store Logo

Add a logo to your store.

Domain Name

Add a custom domain name to your store.


Visual Society supports a flat rate tax system so you have the flexibility to charge your local tax rate.

Customize Sales Email

Craft custom email invoice messages to your buyers when their order is completed.



Reach more photo buyers by submitting your best photos to our Marketplace. Our marketing team promotes marketplace photos through Google Adwords and Facebook ad networks.

Marketplace Entries

Each plan allows you to submit a different number entries into our marketplace.

Sales Commissions

Each plan includes a different commission rate when sales are made through our marketplace.

Ad Networks

We promote the best photos in our marketplace through Google Adwords and Facebook ad networks to help increase marketplace sales.

Track Sales

Track your sales in your marketplace dashboard. See who bought what, when, and for how much.


See your monthly and yearly earnings report, view your best-selling photos, and see the marketplace leaderboard, which tracks the top selling photographers and top selling photos across the marketplace.


All approved marketplace contributors receive a user profile, with linkbacks to their website and social media profiles.



Our templates utilize the latest HTML, CSS and Javascript techniques so that your website loads fast and looks great on all devices.

Template Switching

Visual Society allows you to switch templates at anytime, change theme configurations, and save them as draft designs.


All templates include a core set of features that work well for all kinds of sites including portfolios, stores, and blogs.

Live Previews

Change theme designs and get a live preview of your changes before saving it for public display.

Mobile Websites

All theme designs are mobile-responsive and include a unique mobile experience that matches the overall style of your website.

Drag & Drop

You can design custom pages using a simple drag and drop layout builder.

Custom Fonts

Visual Society offers free Google Font integration so your website will fit your own personal style.


Customize your homepage by selecting from one of 9 premade layouts. Include one, or include them all, in a few clicks.

Custom Styling

Add CSS to change the look of any theme. This feature is available on the Professional Plan and above.

Images / Media

Keyword Automation

All images uploaded to Visual Society are processed by Google Vision, a machine learning technology. Keywords will be applied to all images, saving you countless hours of tedious work.

Metadata Import

Our platform imports metadata that you've saved to your images including Title, Caption, Creator, Keywords, and Location.

Bulk Upload

Upload many files at once using a simple drag & drop directly from your desktop into your browser window.

Media Library

Think of this as your digital asset library. The media library contains every file that you've ever uploaded into Visual Society.

Media Search

Search and sort by title, caption, keyword, file type, or date uploaded.

Image Editor

Crop, rotate, resize and tag your images after uploading them into Visual Society.

Responsive Images

Visual Society generates several scaled versions of each image that you upload to ensure the best display on the device loading your website.

Lightbox Display

For regular galleries, Visual Society includes lightbox functionality which allows visitors to quickly navigate through gallery images.

CDN Delivery

All images are served through a global content delivery network, ensuring your website loads as fast as possible in every corner of the world.



Create as many blog posts as your Visual Society plan allows.


Organize your blog posts by tags and categories.

Private Entries

Easily password-protect specific entries at anytime.

Layout Builder

Create layouts within each blog post using the layout builder.


Our SEO tool will help you craft effective headlines and descriptions.



Drive sales by contributing images to our central marketplace. Our marketing team promotes marketplace products through Google Adwords and Facebook to photo buyers around the world

Google Adwords

Images approved for our marketplace receive free promotion in our Google Adwords campaigns.

Content Marketing

Generate high-impact headline ideas for your niche market using our Content Marketing Generator. This tool helps you expand the reach of your brand using proven marketing formulas.


Easily connect your MailChimp account with your Visual Society website to build your email newsletter list.


Connect your Google Analytics account with your website to learn where visitors are coming from and the search keywords they use to find you.


Visual Society includes a robust blogging platform that makes it easy to craft content for your website.


Our SEO tools will help you rank higher for keywords that are most important to your agency.


Your website includes RSS feeds that broadcast your content across the web.

Social Media

Add Social Media icons to your website's header or footer area to connect with followers.


File Protection

We move your original, high resolution files into a protected directory that is not web-accessible.

Password Protection

Quickly protect galleries, pages, and blog posts with a password.


Your website will be backed up to the Amazon cloud.


Quickly import/export your site content to/from our platform into a variety of popular CMS's such as WordPress, Squarespace, and more.

Two-Factor Login

Optionally enable two-factor login for your website to protect yourself against nefarious visitors.


Your website will always load over SSL (sha256 encryption), ensuring both security and improved search ranking.

Fraud Prevention

Visual Society helps detect and block fraud using Stripe Radar, a machine learning algorithm, in your online store.


Watermark images in one click using a watermark image of your choice.

Right Click Protection

Visual Society prevents visitors from saving your images using "right click."