Why Go With Visual Society vs. WooCommerce?

Thad Allender

by Thad Allender

Dec 31, 2020 · 4 min read

If you’re considering building a site to sell your photography, you may have run into a bit of a problem: there are a lot of options available, and each one claims to be the best. Whittling down the list and finding the right platform for your business can seem impossible. 

Some platforms do stand out, though. Two of the top choices are Visual Society and WooCommerce, a popular e-commerce plugin for building an online store with WordPress. WooCommerce is a powerful and flexible platform, but how does it stack up for photographers?

In this article, we’ll run through the basics of Visual Society and WooCommerce and what makes each platform great in its own right. Then we’ll take a look at why you might want to choose Visual Society over WooCommerce for building your photography store. 

Why It’s Important to Choose the Right E-Commerce Platform For Selling Your Photography

When you’re running an online business, your website is your business, and with the current global situation, customers are increasingly turning to e-commerce solutions. This means your website is more important than ever.

In addition, photographers have unique business needs that they need to consider, such as printing and marketing their products in a time when everyone has a camera in their pocket. The platform you choose for your site should be flexible and powerful, but it also needs to cater to those needs. This is especially important when you’re just getting started and have limited time and capital to work with.

Introducing Visual Society and WooCommerce

Before we get into some of the reasons why Visual Society is ideal for photographers, let’s take a look at what our two contenders offer.

What Is Visual Society?

Visual Society is designed to simplify the process of creating an online photo gallery and print shop, while providing additional features to make running your photography business as easy as possible.

Visual Society was built from the ground up with photographers in mind. Some of its key features include:

  • Powerful image analysis that automatically identifies important elements in your photos, like people and objects, and uses that information to improve search results.
  • Automated product mockup images that display your photos in realistic previews.
  • Built-in online shop, portfolio, photo contest, and marketplace features that help you get your business up and running quickly.

Visual Society is an ideal solution for professional photographers and anyone running a photography-oriented business. It’s also perfect for users wanting an all-in-one solution that comes with everything they need out of the box.

What Is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a free e-commerce platform for the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) that makes it easy to set up an online store. It comes in the form of a WordPress plugin, so installing and setting it up is a simple process, and there are tons of additional plugins that extend its functionality further.

This flexibility makes WooCommerce useful for building nearly any type of store. Some standout features include:

  • Deep customizability and an extensive plugin library.
  • Multiple payment and shipping options.
  • A large community of users to provide support.

Unfortunately, all the plugins and customization options at your disposal means WooCommerce can potentially require a lot of work to get set up the way you want, and you may have to rely on third-party plugin developers to provide more specific functionality. Still, it’s a solid choice for users who prefer a do-it-yourself approach, or business owners who sell a wide variety of products. 

Why Go With Visual Society vs. WooCommerce? (4 Reasons)

If you’re stuck on which platform to choose for your business, you’re not alone. After all, it’s a big decision! However, we feel Visual Society is the best choice for photographers, and we’ve got four big reasons why.

1. Visual Society Is An All-in-One Solution

Visual Society provides almost everything you need to create your website and start selling right out of the box, including themes, templates, layouts, and a drag-and-drop page builder. This means there’s no need to sift through extra plugins or add-ons to get started. 

While WooCommerce comes with all of the basic functionality you need, it will likely require extra work and third-party software to make it fit your needs. For example, to get a page builder like Visual Society’s for your WooCommerce site, you could end up spending between $100 and $200 – and this is just for one feature. 

2. Automatic Print Fulfillment Simplifies Your Process

Printing photographs is a lot of work. Not only do you have to find a quality printer, but the actual print is just part of the equation: there’s also packaging, presentation, and shipping to consider. 

Visual Society simplifies the whole process by automatically fulfilling your print orders with our global network of printers. With a WooCommerce store, you’ll have to handle this yourself. 

3. The Visual Society Marketplace Provides Increased Reach

One of the additional features Visual Society provides to photographers is the Marketplace. This gives you an additional place to list and market your products, improving your chances of being discovered.

What’s more, the Visual Society marketing team also promotes photos on the Marketplace with Google Adwords and Facebook ads. This is the sort of assistance you won’t get with other platforms.

4. The Built-in Ad Network Integration Makes Marketing Easier

Speaking of ads, Visual Society provides built-in integrations with multiple marketing tools, including Google Analytics and Adwords, Facebook, Instagram, and MailChimp.

In contrast, on a WooCommerce site, you’d need to set up and maintain these integrations yourself, which can be a lot of work. Having this integrated in your installation is not only a time-saver, it’s a potential income-booster.


If you’re looking to build a website to host and sell your photography, you’ve got a lot of options. Two of the best choices are Visual Society and WooCommerce. Choosing between them might be tough, but we can help simplify the process.

Visual Society provides four powerful advantages over WooCommerce:

  1. An all-in-one website creation solution.
  2. Automatic print fulfillment.
  3. The Visual Society Marketplace.
  4. A built-in ad network.

Do you have any questions about setting up your Visual Society site? Let us know in the comments section below!

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