How to Put Your Instagram Photos On Any Kind of Product (In 3 Steps)

Thad Allender

by Thad Allender

Jan 11, 2021 · 4 min read

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One problem you’ll quickly discover when running an online business selling physical products is how to fulfill your orders. When you’re a photographer, there’s also the added concern of printing your photos.

Order fulfilment is extremely important for customer satisfaction, and a cost-effective printing and shipping process saves both you and your customers money. Visual Society offers a complete solution to selling your products, and is the printing and shipping partner you need to help you focus on your photography.

In this article, we’ll show you how to download your Instagram photos, then we’ll run through how to put them onto any of your Visual Society products.

Why You’d Want to Download Your Instagram Photos

On the surface, you’d be forgiven for thinking that downloading your Instagram images isn’t necessary. However, there are a number of reasons you’d want to do this. For example:

  • Your photo may have gone viral, or otherwise received a lot of attention, and you need to capitalize quickly to provide download or print copies.
  • You may have lost access to your original copies, especially if you used a smartphone.
  • You may have asked – and been granted – permission to download a photo you found inspiring.

The connecting element here is that access to the original photo isn’t easily to hand. While having an organized and easy to find photo library is always beneficial, it’s not going to be available 100 percent of the time.

How to Download Your Instagram Photos

Although Instagram offers no official way to download photos from within the app, there are workarounds using third-party apps such as DownloadGram, Batchsave, or Instaget, or myriad other ways.

Using a dedicated tool takes only a few short minutes, and is arguably just as good as what’s considered the approved method – downloading all of your Instagram data.

However, requesting your entire Instagram data just to get at a few photos is overkill. The glut of superfluous data, not to mention the turnaround time, isn’t going to cut it when you need your images fast.

Instead, let’s run through how to use DownloadGram to grab your Instagram photos quickly using the desktop app.

First, open DownloadGram and Instagram in two browser tabs. On Instagram, find the picture you want to download, and click the menu icon (which is represented by three dots.) Next, click Go to post if you’re on desktop. You’ll then want to copy the photo’s URL from the browser’s address bar, and enter it into the URL field on the DownloadGram website:

Note that if you’re on mobile, you can simply click Copy link after accessing the Instagram menu option and paste it into DownloadGram.

To start the process, click the Download button. When it’s ready, click Download image, and your photo will be saved to your computer.

How to Put Your Instagram Photos On Any Visual Society Product (In 3 Steps)

If you’re looking for a smooth process for setting up an online store to sell your photos, Visual Society offers full control of the selling process and handles both order fulfilment and dedicated support. Here are three steps to help you get up and running.

1. Decide On Your Product Type

The type of products you sell will determine the order fulfilment options available to you. There are two available options: Auto-fulfillment, and self-fulfillment. Let’s run down each one:

  • Auto-fulfilment. This lets you choose from a pre-selected batch of products, such as fine art prints, canvas wraps, clothing prints, and more. Once you’re done, print orders are fulfilled automatically by Visual Society.
  • Self-fulfilment. With this option, you create your own products and handle the printing and shipping process.

Keep in mind that your product list will perpetually be changing. As such, be prepared to adapt your lines to include products not already on your store.

2. Login to Your Visual Society Dashboard and Add Photos

Once you’ve decided on your products, you’ll want to make sure you’re logged into your dashboard to begin setting up your store. At this point, you can begin to upload the photos you previously downloaded. To do this, click Photos on either the left-hand side navigation menu (or the Complete Your Profile wizard if it’s still available:)

Next, click on New Photo Gallery:

Here, enter a name and a description for the gallery, and add your photos through either drag-and-drop or selecting them individually.

Then, select a Gallery TypeE-Commerce (for sale), Portfolio (not for sale) and Free Downloads. Once you’re done, click the blue Save button at the top-right of the screen.

Next, you’ll want to set the correct pricing. Under Store > Pricing, click on any product to edit its price as well its variants:

From here, set the Currency and Price Rounding. You can also select or deselect products, as well as create entirely new ones:


When you’re done, there’s only one task left – launching your store.

3. Launch Your Store

At this point, you’ll have a stocked gallery, a plethora of products, and set prices. Next, you’ll need to select a suitable plan and preview your store before you launch:

Before you pull the trigger, there are a few extra elements that may help increase your store’s visibility. Checking out the Marketing > Marketing Settings section of your dashboard will let you auto-generate keywords, develop your Search Engine Optimization (SEO,) and much more:

Finally you’re ready – head back to your main dashboard page, and click the Launch button:

From here, you’ll want to spread the message even further, and keep your product lines current and visible.


It is smart business to prepare for the opportunities that a viral Instagram photo will bring. You may soon have orders that need a cost-effective printing and shipping process. Visual Society gives you complete control over the entire selling process.

Here are the steps you’ll take:

  1. Decide on your product lines.
  2. Add photos to your store, and edit their pricing.
  3. Optimize your store and launch it.

Do you have any questions about printing through Visual Society? Let us know in the comments section below!

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